Who We Are

To collaboratively build healthier Philippine cities that are equipped to effectively address the present pandemic and the future health crises.

A resilient Philippines where everyone
has a part to play in building accessible
healthcare for all.

embracing our diversity

We involve every member of society, including the average Filipino citizen, and capacitate them to build people-powered solutions for health issues that matter to them.

  1. tapping into the collective

    We facilitate resource-sharing in order to build open knowledge platforms accessible to anyone, at any level, and equip them to act in whatever way they can.

  1. collaborating for the long-term

    By focusing on building strong collaborative communities now, we pave the way for better, sturdier health systems tomorrow.

We’ll be holding a wide range of events for organizations and citizens that create open dialogue and collaboration between healthcare experts and citizens

World Cafe – Online Workshop
Meet other players, discuss challenges, and analyze fundamental health issues alongside healthcare, humanitarian, and citizen-led organizations in this 2hr workshop in order to design which objectives our campaigns will focus on.

Ecosystem Mapping – Online Workshop
Deep dive into the heart of our health challenges in this 3hr workshop as we help you analyze key issues and identify the resources, skills, and actors needed to solve them.

After introducing you with other players in the ecosystem, we now kick off this 1-day event to help you lay the foundation of future collaborative initiatives.

Health Startup Hackathon
This 2-day event will equip you with the tools and techniques fundamental in creating social solutions adapted to solve health issues that matter to you.

Online Summit
Connect with other ecosystem players after learning more about the health solutions currently being developed and establish plans for long-term collaboration and action.

Health4All is a coalition powered by makesense Philippines,
with the support of Sanofi Philippines