Our 2020 Activities

_our 2020 activities

Every Filipino has a right to be mentally, physically, and socially healthy! In this challenging time, we need people with the heart and the ideas to change the future of healthcare.

In 2020, coalition members had the opportunity to do just that with a series of collaborative events.

World Cafe – Online Workshop
Meet other players, discuss challenges, and analyze fundamental health issues alongside healthcare, humanitarian, and citizen-led organizations in this 2hr workshop in order to design which objectives our campaigns will focus on.

Ecosystem Mapping – Online Workshop
Deep dive into the heart of our health challenges in this 3hr workshop as we help you analyze key issues and identify the resources, skills, and actors needed to solve them.

After introducing you with other players in the ecosystem, we now kick off this 1-day event to help you lay the foundation of future collaborative initiatives.

Health Startup Hackathon
This 2-day event will equip you with the tools and techniques fundamental in creating social solutions adapted to solve health issues that matter to you.

Online Summit
Connect with other ecosystem players after learning more about the health solutions currently being developed and establish plans for long-term collaboration and action.

A focused look at the

What It Is:

🚀 A 2-day design sprint that enables participants to build an initial startup concept, tackling a particular socio-environmental issue.

⚡️ This is an online, human-centered, collaborative platform for anyone to learn the steps for designing and planning concrete, successful projects to address real world challenges. 

Who Joined:

🙆🏽‍♂️  We welcomed any interested citizens! To solve a systemic issue like healthcare, we’re here to listen to people from different backgrounds and expertise.

🙋🏼‍♀️ Whether you have a pre-existing idea or none at all – you’re welcome to join us change the future of health.

How It Went:

1️⃣  Inspiration! Participants met with coalition members and other people equally passionate about health. They deepened their understanding of issues surrounding healthcare, and conceptualized possible solutions with fellow advocates during the session. 
2️⃣  Output! After 48 hours they emerged with concrete solutions, guided by expert mentors, and a 1-month action plan to start building the healthier future they envisioned.
3️⃣  Prizes! The best 3 solutions won a prize to jumpstart their project and join the Health4all coalition. They also got the chance to collaborate with top players from the PH health ecosystem.

Health4All is a coalition powered by makesense Philippines, 
with the support of Sanofi Philippines