How To Participate

Are you a concerned citizen or community leader?

  • If you believe we all have a role in community healthcare
  • If you have/know a community in need
  • If you want to help vulnerable groups gain access to information and resources

Are you a professional working in healthcare?

  • If you are a medical practitioner, science communicator, or even public health policy-maker
  • If you want to build your career while creating social impact & helping communities
  • If you believe we need more youth invested in community healthcare

Are you an organization looking to support community healthcare?

  • If you want to be involved in multi-stakeholder partnerships for improving healthcare
  • If your organization wants to help improve Philippine health care
  • If your organization wants to give back to the community

Can I join the coalition?


“Can we still join the coalition?”
You can email us at or for inquiries on being a part of this movement!

What can I do as a part of the coalition?


“What can I do as a part of the coalition?”

You get the chance to connect with other coalition members and collaborate in an advisory role for our youth program – Imagining Healthy Futures!

What is makesense?


“What is makesense?”
The makesense community 
is made up of citizens, entrepreneurs and organizations who are actors of a united, responsible and resilient future. They participate in creating innovative solutions, organizing public events and initiating a new way of thinking within their company.

Health4All is a coalition powered by makesense Philippines, with the support of Sanofi Philippines