Imagining Healthy Futures: Filipino Youth Changing the Future of Health

“Across the Philippines, there is an average of only 3.9 doctors working in health institutions for every 10,000 people. In addition to that, 8 out of 10 Filipinos report never having had a medical check-up or physical examination in their life.

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Let’s change the future of health & build a healthier Philippines together.

Imagining Healthy Futures volunteers meeting online

👉 How does #ImaginingHealthyFutures work? 👈

In this 2-month online program, young medical professionals, community leaders, and health advocates can benefit from:

💡 Mentorship from Health4All partners and industry leaders
🛠 Training on building solutions from conceptualization to implementation
💪 Collective community calls and support
🚀 Additional resources, activities, and outputs for concrete impact

We are closed for applications right now, but you can be the first to get updates on Imagining Healthy Futures learning & volunteer opportunities by signing up below!

Learn from a proven methodology that uses:


Map the challenges we face in healthcare today, and learn from community members and medical professionals alike how to better understand today’s landscape!


Learn how to design actionable solutions and propose plans for execution, monitoring, and evaluating projects for better results!


Start a movement and reach a wider community with training that ensures your project will be sustainable and impactful in the long run!

_our vision

For Filipinos to take better health actions in the middle of a health crises thanks to a strong trust in our health professionals enabled by young health leaders advocating and communicating in their communities at the grassroots level. The youth, by empowering their communities and our health system, in turn, empower themselves.

Imagining Healthy Futures is a program to equip the youth with the skills, technical expertise, and network to equip their communities with reliable health information.

_our wins

trained 50 amazing youth leaders together
with 10 medical expert mentors 

60+ participants reached 50,000 new advocates,
online and offline, through 11 different campaigns

Watch these advocates of Imagining Healthy Futures as they share their stories of action!

How do I join to start building a healthier Philippines?


You can sign up for Batch 2 of Imagining Healthy Futures through here!

What will my role be as a participant?


As a volunteer, you’ll be guided to take your ideas for changing healthcare in the Philippines for good, and turn them into REAL IMPACT. You’ll be able to lead a movement that understands the issues of communities in need, and how to address them. Throughout this process, we’ll be training you on how to connect with your LGU, know your community’s needs, plan for programs and activities attuned to those needs, and rolling out your health initiative.

Who can I ask for more information about makesense or this program?


Feel free to message us on our Facebook account, or email our IHF Head Dani, at!

Learn about the health system’s context: Why create a youth initiative for health?

Disadvantaged individuals and communities

  • Difficulty accessing expert consultation and treatment due to cost, time, and distance
  • Poor practice of preventive health care measures due to lack of guidance
  • One health emergency away from being financially ruined

Understaffed and under equipped community health workers

  • Undersupported community health workers that often have difficulty building trust in their assigned communities.

Overburdened hospitals and healthcare centers

  • Lack of beds and healthcare workers in hospitals due to the influx of of patients suffering from preventable diseases.

With our community partners

And support from our Health4All network

Health4All is a coalition powered by makesense Philippines, 
with the support of Sanofi Philippines