Pilot Program: Imagining Healthy Futures


Our most recent endeavour was the successful run of
our pilot program – Imagining Healthy Futures.

We aimed to provide passionate citizens, young health leaders, and health professionals with the opportunity to build their professional future and make real impact by empowering local communities in need. They gained valuable life experience together by advocating, educating, and co-creating solutions for community health!

Understanding the health system’s context: Why create a youth initiative for health?

Disadvantaged individuals and communities

  • Difficulty accessing expert consultation and treatment due to cost, time, and distance
  • Poor practice of preventive health care measures due to lack of guidance
  • One health emergency away from being financially ruined

Understaffed and under equipped community health workers

  • Undersupported community health workers that often have difficulty building trust in their assigned communities.

Overburdened hospitals and healthcare centers

  • Lack of beds and healthcare workers in hospitals due to the influx of of patients suffering from preventable diseases.

With these steps we have implemented the Imagining Healthy Futures program with promising young individuals, equipping them with the skills, technical expertise, and network to empower their communities with reliable health information.

_our vision

For Filipinos to take better health actions in the middle of a health crises thanks to a strong trust in our health professionals enabled by young health leaders advocating and communicating in their communities at the grassroots level. The youth, by empowering their communities and our health system, in turn, empower themselves.

Imagining Healthy Futures, is a program to equip the youth with the skills, technical expertise, and network to equip their communities with reliable health information.

_our wins

+ participants reached 50,000 new advocates,
online and offline, through 11 different campaigns

we trained 50 amazing youth leaders together
with 10 medical expert mentors 

Organizations we’ve worked with

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Health4All is a coalition powered by makesense Philippines, 
with the support of Sanofi Philippines